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Serving Time (Warren and Hank)


His mind instinctually lingers on the name “Summers”, leaving him with a bad taste in his mouth. He briefly wonders if his problem Summers and Warren’s problem Summers are related, but quickly brushes it off with the thought that even if they were, there was no way anyone could be as much of a pain in the ass as Alex. “Kid, I don’t think I even know what dressage is.” he laughs, hand retreating from the boy’s shoulder with a pat before running through dark hair. “It might help if you actually ask about the other person, you know. Find out what this kid likes, what he can’t stand, what he does for hobbies. And then, hey, maybe you could even have a conversation!” The corners of his mouth quirk up in a fond smile. ”But hey, if it’s really troubling you, the two of you are more than welcome to come over to my place to work. I can teach you to socialize. Or try to, at least.” He tries to keep the atmosphere light, easy, but Warren gives him this look when he brings up his father, about the skewed perception he has of himself because of his parents, and all Hank sees is a lost little boy, and it almost breaks his heart in two. He doesn’t say anything else about it. Nothing he could think of to say would help.

The words are jarring from someone so young, but he can’t argue with it. Doesn’t make it any less painful, to hear this fourteen year old boy talk about how he doesn’t expect happiness because no one is. Hank could lie and tell the blond that he was, but he had no intention of doing that. He’s pretty sure that even if he tried, Warren would see right through it. As much of a brat as he could be, the kid was pretty smart. 

“Hey. Why don’t you call the people you’re staying with and tell them you’re gonna be over at my place for the night.” He’s sure they won’t mind, and he knows the Worthingtons (Mrs. Worthington, especially) won’t mind. They like him well enough. Give you a reprieve from the guy you’re sharing a room with? I can drive you to school in the morning to, if you want. And if you’re okay with sitting between Raven and I.” His grin’s back in place, reassuring he hopes. He’s not sure what else he can say to ease the kid’s mind, but he could at least give him a place to stay that he was familiar with, where he felt comfortable.

Warren glanced up to Hank in surprise, his eyebrows raising.  ”You know what dressage is, surely.” Hank murmured, his hands in his pockets.  ”Or are you not at the club often?  Or around horses?  I mean, you’ve been to a couple of my events.  That’s…dressage.” It felt weird to have to describe it to someone who he felt was on his equal level, and looked away with a sigh.  ”But you know to pull that off, I’d have to care about what he likes.” He stated, his voice a little exasperated.  ”And I’m probably not going to see him after this, so why should I bother remembering?”

Hank was thinking, he could tell.  The older boy got this look in his eyes, this distant look, where Warren felt like he’d have to reel the other boy in slowly from where he went.  Considering him, he frowned a little, but blinked as the solution was offered, eyes widening as he slowly seemed to realize it was really being offered.  

"I…yeah, actually, that’d be great," He managed, looking to Hank in surprise.  "If you can get my parents to agree to it, even for a night.  It’d…be nice to actually get some sleep for once." He glanced away, acting as it it was no big deal, while his inner self practically jumped about it.  Staying with Hank was such a better option, even for a night. 

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